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Get rid of sleep disorders with effective sleep meditation

Mindfulness The practice of meditation involves purposefully bringing your attention to the current moment. With a lengthy history in numerous religious traditions, mindfulness is today a common practice that is …


Heal your body and mind with panchakarma cleanse

One of the oldest known systems of medicine in the world is ayurveda, the age-old “science of life.” It is a holistic approach that lays a significant focus on preserving …

benefits of meditation chairMeditation

Know the ultimate benefits of meditation chair

If you have been practising meditation for some time, you are aware that it calls for constant practise and thought. It can be more difficult some days compared to others …

Vajrasana-poseYOGA AND ASANAS

Expect the best healing power of vajrasana

Yoga’s Vajrasana is a relaxing pose for both the body and the psyche. Vajrasana has advantages for reducing body weight as well. Because it is easier than other meditation practices, …